On a whim I decided to play with some strange attractor curves and ended up just writing a plugin for Blender because I could not find a comprehensive one. Here’s the result:

Source code is available on github.


Go to File–User Preferences–AddOns–Install AddOn and select the attractor.py file. Click Install Addon…

Blender should have added it to the list of add-ons in the User Preferences Window. Now click the tick box at the right hand side of the box that says: “Add Curve: Strange Attractors:” to active the add-on.

If you go to your blender main window and press Ctrl-A and navigate to the Curve Menu you should have an additional menu item “Attractors” which in turn has a list of possible attractors to generate. Your tool tab should have options for the parameters.

Currently supported attractors are:

Act Aizawa Anishenko-Astakhov Arneodo Bouali Burke-Shaw Chen Chen-Celikovsky ChenLee Chua Chua Multi I Chua Multi II Coullet Dadras Dequan-Li Finance Hadley Halvorsen Sprott-Linz Lorenz Lorenz Mod1 Lorenz Mod2 Lotka-Volterra Moore Spiegel New-Jerk Newton-Leipnik Nose-Hoover Rabinovich-Fabrikant Rayleigh-Benard Rikitake Roessler Rucklidge Sakarya Shimizu-Morioka Sprott D Sprott E Sprott-Linz B Sprott-Linz C Sprott-Linz F Sprott-Linz G Sprott-Linz H Sprott-Linz I Sprott-Linz J Sprott-Linz K Sprott-Linz L Sprott-Linz M Sprott-Linz O Sprott-Linz P Sprott-Linz Q Sprott-Linz S Sprott N Sprott R Strizhak-Kawczynski Thomas Three-Cells-CNN 3-Layer Wang-Sun Yu-Wang