It’s now been one month or so since we published the original Inceptionism blog post and the associated gallery of images. Two weeks later we also published the deepdream source code. Since then I’ve been enjoying watching people come up with really fabulous derivatives, extensions and adaptations. Time to take a quick survey.


Installing Caffe is really quite tricky, especially on Macs so quickly several services popped up which allow anyone to post pictures and deepdreamify them:

Derivatives / Exploration

This whole thing went viral and of course everyone was now making their favorite pictures or most hated politians into deepdreams. But cutting through the kitsch several folks went deeper (no pun intended) and made some interesting forays:

And finally folks started also training novel networks too on new data sets, which is really the way to get more out of DeepDream. Some really nice work here by Josh Nimoy

Video work

Style transfer